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Zip Close BagsNow You Can Buy As Few As 100 Zip Lock Hang Hole Bags

Perfect for when you only need a small quantity of ziplock bags.

Most orders ship within 1 business day. Depending on the weight of your order we will ship either by First Class mail or FedEx Ground. .

Size is measured below the zipper. The first number is the bag width, the second number is the length. For example, a 6"x9" zip lock bag will measure 6" side to side, and 9" from the zipper to the bottom of the bag). Bags are polyethylene, 2 mil (.002") thickness (this is probably the most common thickness for zipper bags).

The bags have 1/4" (.25") diameter hang hole punched in the middle of the flap (above the zipper) unless description says 'no hang hole'.

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